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1878-P VAM-166

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1878-P VAM-166 Spiked P

Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965.
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan VAM. This coin is a Top 30 1878 Variety
166 II/I 29 - B2c (Spiked P) (193) I-2 R-4
Obverse II/I 29 B2c - Type II LIBERTY. Metal on E,P, U, and R of E PLURIBUS UNUM. All stars on left and first star on right doubled.

Reverse is shared with vam 187 1. It is reported that most of the attributed VAM-166 coins are not correctly attributed. The pups listed are correct as of June,10 2013. Before buying any attributed slabbed coin, "Check the PUPs" before you buy it! Metal on letters E PLUR in E PLURIBUS. Left stars doubled. Right stars 1, 2, 3, and 4 doubled. An elusive variety, a key VAM that's on every collector's want list, very rare in any grade.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

The left side of the P is solid and square. The right side is rounded. There is an angled bar on that right side that continues past the end of the lower right side. On higher grade specimens, one can see the bar clearly. Additionally the top right of the loop is doubled.
The U has significantly doubled portions on the upper right outside. The lower left inside is also doubled..
The O of GOD is closed and intact
The bumps below the eye referenced in some VAM-166 descriptions can be misleading. Notice how this PCGS F15 example is not attributable using the features of the eye (see photo later on this page)
The S of PLURIBUS shows doubling.
The 1 in the date is notched at the top right.





Shallow spikes from front of eye under lid. Mottled appearance of eye socket.
Short spike points down from right upright of U and partially broken foot on R in PLURIBUS
Several roughly horizontal lines are found in the hair to the left of the juction of the lower two cotton leave.
Several vertical lines cross the lower end of the cap band
Scratch from talon points at back of upper arrowhead
A patch of horizontal lines on the #2 tailfeather
This is a later stage of the reverse used with VAM-187







Full Coin Photos

VAM-166 Images from the Bernard (Bernie) Linhart Collection on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BY Mike Faraone at PCGS

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