1878-P VAM-14.20

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1878-P VAM 14.20 Tripled Date & Right Stars

Discovered October 2002 by Kyle Aber
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan Vam.
14-20(revised) I1 18 · A1l (Tripled Date & Right Stars) (193) I-3 R-7
Obverse I1 18– Tripled date with 1 tripled below upper crossbar, first and second 8 slightly tripled at top inside and lower left outside of upper loop and 7 slightly tripled below upper crossbar and doubled at top right of vertical shaft. All right stars slightly tripled towards rim. Some heavy polishing lines in cotton leaves and bolls.
Die markers– Shallow die chip above L in LIBERTY and long thin inner ear fill.
Reverse A1L– Earlier die state than 1878-P VAM-14.2

1. Ultra-rare with less than two dozen known. A huge premium coin. (R-9??)


LVA Plate Photos:

1878-P VAM-14-20 Die Chip L.jpg 1878-P VAM-14-20 Long Ear Fill.jpg

Additional Photos:

The late die state remains proof-like and has a pair of unique rim-to-field die cracks:
1878 VAM 14 20 Obverse Cracks.JPG
'Boll Lines' Heavy polishing in cotton leaves and bolls.
Boll Lines JL.jpg
NESVT20101009 1878P 14 20 01.JPG
NESVT20101009 1878P 14 20 02.JPG

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-14.20 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[Heritage Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BY Ron Hagler

PCGS GN1 was in a PCI G6 Brian Raines signature holder (obverse damaged)
The PCGS VF20 and the ANACS VF20 are the same coin. Crossed over to PCGS by Ken McLean in 2009.