1878-CC VNA

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Coin #1 V22 STAGE
Hey John the next 9 close ups are of the coin I emailed you but I got a bounce back from yahoo I am not sure if I should populate the pages with these it might only cause confusion also if you dont have this one IN YOUR arsenal I will be more than happy to send it for a in hand inspection
20141224 114519.jpg
20141224 114531.jpg
20141224 114541.jpg
20141224 114558.jpg
20141224 114613.jpg
20141224 114652.jpg
20141224 114721.jpg
20141224 114732.jpg
20141224 114713.jpg
Disregard all below this line they are for tutorial photo's
Here is an intreseting state of a classic V9 polished stage
reverse is severly over polished and a spiked L in dollar ... could be the picture I dont know
1878 ccvam9maybeobvmhi-crop.JPG
1878 ccvam9mayberevmhi-crop.JPG
Next 3 photo's are the same coin
1878 CC VAM-20 stage with Reverse Gouge
w/strike thru on Laurel Leaf left cluster #3
1878 CC V20NEWREV-croparrow.jpg
1878 CC V20NEWOBV44.jpg
It appears before the clashed Denticle but after the EDS polished Versions so maybe this gouge is was created the need to polish the reverse??
1878 CC V20NEWREV-crop.jpg
Coin #3