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1878-CC VAMs

Mintage 2,212,000
Proof Mintage None
Dies Used 14 obv., 16 rev.
Rarity in PL 2/10 (common)
Die Study complete

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Official Listings

 1878-CC VAM-1 Normal Die (Likely Does Not Exist)
 1878-CC VAM-1B Line in IB 
 1878-CC VAM-2A Doubled LIBERTY, Die Chip Nostril, Chips in CC 
 1878-CC VAM-2B Doubled LIBERTY, Die Chips Eyelid & Forehead, Chips in CC 
 1878-CC VAM-4 Close CC 
 1878-CC VAM-6 Doubled Leaves, High Right Mint Mark (Top 100 and WOW! Morgan Vam) 
 1878-CC VAM-7 Medium CC  
 1878-CC VAM-7A Medium CC, Clashed Obverse G & st (Kimpton 12 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-CC VAM-9 CC Tilted Right 
 1878-CC VAM-11 Lines In Wing (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-CC VAM-12 Very Wide CC (Likely Does Not Exist)
 1878-CC VAM-13 Doubled Date & Stars, Two Die Gouges Wing (2011 Roberts 11 VAM) 
 1878-CC VAM-14A Doubled LIBERTY, Wide CC, Die Scratches on Eagle 
 1878-CC VAM-15 Spiked Lip 
 1878-CC VAM-17 Line in Eye, Very Wide Doubled CC 
 1878-CC VAM-18 Doubled Obverse 
 1878-CC VAM-19 Wide CC With Dot 
 1878-CC VAM-19A Die Break RI 
 1878-CC VAM-19B Wide CC With Dot, Die Break R 
 1878-CC VAM-20 Line in Eye, Medium CC with Dot, Denticle Impressions TA 
 1878-CC VAM-22 Die Chips in CC 
 1878-CC VAM-24 Doubled Leaves (Top 100 Morgan Vam) 
 1878-CC VAM-24A Doubled Leaves, Die Break U (Top 100 Morgan Vam)  
 1878-CC VAM-27 Medium CC, Two Die Gouges Wing 
 1878-CC VAM-28 Medium CC, Die Scratch E 
 1878-CC VAM-29 Line in IB, Medium CC with One Dot 
1878 CC Past Assignments

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