1878-CC Obverse Dies

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1878-CC Obverse Dies

Obverse II 1

Normal die of 1878-P type II with the 7 in date doubled slightly on right side (a hub defect).

Associated VAMs: 1, 1A, 1B, 3, 7, 7A, 8, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23

  • VAM-1A - Same as obverse II 1 except a die scratch which shows as a thin line through the bottom of the R in LIBERTY, a thick line extending down from the middle of the eye lash, a thin line in the bottom corner of the eye , and a thick line at the rear of the nostril.
  • VAM-1B - Slanted die gouge in top of I and bottom of B in LIBERTY. Date is doubled.
  • VAM-3 - Line in eye variety.
  • VAM-17 - Line in eye variety.
  • VAM-20 - Line in eye variety.

Obverse II 2

LIBERTY slightly doubled and shifted left. Some specimens show die chip on nostril. Some also show die chip on front of forehead and top of eyelid or between loops of 8 on left.

Associated VAMs: 2, 2A, 2B, 14, 14A, 27

  • VAM-2A - Die chip on nostril.
  • VAM-2B - Die chips on eyelid and forehead. Tiny die chip at right of wheat leaves.
  • VAM-14A - Die chip on eyelid front.
  • VAM-27 - Die chip on front of forehead, on top of eyelid, and right of wheat leaves as in VAM-2B.

Obverse II 3

Normal die of 1879-P type II with broken point off of number 4 star on right (a hub chip).

Associated VAMs: 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 22, 28

  • VAM-15 - Vertical die gouge from lower lip to chin and die gouge running through IB of LIBERTY up to wheat leaf.

Obverse II 4

Doubled ear and cotton blossom leaves on the right edges, date, all stars on right and left side of date on bottom edges.

Associated VAMs: 6, 18, 21

  • VAM-21 - Late die state with die cracks in date, stars, and letters.

Obverse II 5

Strongly doubled date digits on right side, all right stars towards rim, all left stars on right side, UM in UNUM on left side and neck lower edge. Ear slightly doubled on left inside and right outside. Tops of cotton leaves very slightly doubled. Different die than VAM-6 (II 4), but with similar strong doubling on date and doesn't have strongly doubled cotton bolls and leaves.

Associated VAMs: 13

  • None known.

Obverse II 6

Doubled cotton leaves and bolls on right side. Eyelash doubled at top.

Associated VAMs: 24

  • None known.

Obverse II 7

Slightly doubled 18-8 with 1 doubled below upper crossbar and both 8s doubled at top inside of upper loop. Die chips on eyelid and front of forehead as in VAM-2.

Associated VAMs: 25

  • None known.

Obverse II 8

Doubled P in PLURIBUS at top right outside as an arc and at bottom inside of loop.

Associated VAMs: 26

  • None known.