garroted eagle

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garroted eagle

Post by fogie » Mon Aug 08, 2022 7:12 pm

probably more appropriate name than choked chicken...
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Cool strike thru at any rate!

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Re: garroted eagle

Post by DHalladay » Mon Aug 08, 2022 7:25 pm

To heck with appropriate... "Choked Chicken" is the perfectly ideal name!!
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Re: garroted eagle

Post by vampicker » Mon Aug 08, 2022 7:33 pm

Either way, it's a dirty bird
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Re: garroted eagle

Post by vamnuke » Mon Aug 08, 2022 10:24 pm


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Re: garroted eagle

Post by morganman » Tue Aug 09, 2022 2:38 am

Fantastic, making this sport all the better than most all other denomination
coins.. Morgans are so varied with gazillions of errors and PUPS

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Re: garroted eagle

Post by DarksideVAM » Thu Aug 11, 2022 12:29 am

Hung Eagle works too.

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Re: garroted eagle

Post by HawkeEye » Thu Aug 11, 2022 1:24 pm

Henry the VIII last wife
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