Anticipating the first Morgan dollars

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Anticipating the first Morgan dollars

Post by RogerB » Wed Mar 16, 2022 3:45 pm

March 11, 1878

Hon. James Pollock
Superintendent, U.S. Mint
Philadelphia, Pa

I was much gratified to learn by your telegram of this date that you expect to receive a delivery of new silver dollars on Wednesday morning and that dies and collars would be forwarded to the western mints on Monday and Tuesday next, and hope that no accident may occur to prevent the same.
I had intended coming over today to spend one or two days with you for conference on various points, but find that I will have to be here tomorrow in connection with silver purchases, but will get over in a day of two.
As soon as you find the dies to work satisfactorily I will be glad if you will advise me of the fat by telegraph.
I hope to be able to call upon you sometime during the present week.
H. R. Linderman, Director

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