O/T Investing in Bullion ie: Gold/Silver etc

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O/T Investing in Bullion ie: Gold/Silver etc

Post by morganman » Thu Dec 30, 2021 10:27 am

:popcorn: Some here like owning some hard asset
metals for savings and or speculation.
For yrs we paid a dealer premium over spot
around .60-$1.00 per oz. As the pandemic
broke out the premium dealers charged
climbed to about $2 per oz. Now most
dealers are charging $3 + per oz which
really screws the buyer as Break Even is
crazy to high. This makes the investment
piss poor. Gold premiums well over $100
per oz. So this all lends to refraining buying
physical bullion products and looking at
say ETF exchange traded funds.
Gold ETF= GLD or Silver ETF= SLV
With silver in tank at low end of trade range
i like SLV, withot getting stuck paying some
dealer $3.50 per oz premium for Silver Bullion
Sad deal but sign of times i guess

2021 saw silver prices lag as one of worst
performers within the commodity mkts.
Yet another reason to be cautious paying
a huge premium just to own a non performing
asset. I love silver but darn!!!
Heck; I bought bitcoin at $26k & offloaded
at 65k, as im a skeptic and want to
sleep at night. LOL but true

Im up at 2:30 am, here so my rant is ending
Happy New Yr- It looks quite interesting
Hold onto your britches
Scott The Oregon Collection

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Re: O/T Investing in Bullion ie: Gold/Silver etc

Post by Kurt28 » Thu Dec 30, 2021 1:19 pm

It's 7AM local time and I still haven't been to bed. Too many fun things to do I guess.
I support the hard assets approach to investing. But I don't sell very often, so I guess I am a hoarder.
My military training was geared to prepare for the worst. I'm doing it.
I know there is a big premium on gold and silver, but I don't care. I think that the COMEX price quotes are unrealistic and the market prices will prevail. And as I have no need to sell, I still have silver dollars that were purchased for $5.
When it comes time to sell, I'll make up for the dealer's premiums.
On a side note, I also invested in lead (Pb.) Raw projectiles and loaded cartridges. Several tons worth. It was a good move.
And tools. If things get too bad, I can grow it myself and fix it myself.
Thanks for the post.

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Re: O/T Investing in Bullion ie: Gold/Silver etc

Post by Longstrider » Thu Dec 30, 2021 5:25 pm

@morganman Dang Scott! I knew you had big ones for investing but Bitcoin? They must be huge. hahaha🐍

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