*Gift*, Upgrade, Move

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*Gift*, Upgrade, Move

Post by ljs123 » Sun Sep 12, 2021 10:42 pm

I received an unexpected Gift. :D :D :D
It was also an up grade for my clashed G set.
For those that may not know me, I am a big clashed G fan. I have the top Clashed G set in the SSDC.
Someone sent me a pretty hard to find 1900-O VAM-50B in PCGS XF-40. That spot is currently filled with an F-12 details coin. Very nice upgrade for me. :D

It took a while to find me because I made a move about 6 months ago. So if someone was wondering why you haven't heard anything from me, it's because I just received the coin Saturday. Thanks again :!:

So if anyone else wants to send me another great coin, please get my new address first. :P

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Re: *Gift*, Upgrade, Move

Post by keilg1 » Mon Sep 13, 2021 6:00 am

Love stories like this. The world needs more compassion... joy that is shared. And chocolate.

Whoever gave the gift is not likely an angel - they are likely a thoughtful person their momma would be proud of.

We should all aspire to be like them.

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Re: *Gift*, Upgrade, Move

Post by PickNGrin » Mon Sep 13, 2021 11:45 am

Great Vam and Story behind it!

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Re: *Gift*, Upgrade, Move

Post by vamnuke » Tue Sep 14, 2021 12:56 am


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Re: *Gift*, Upgrade, Move

Post by Bigbub » Tue Sep 14, 2021 6:18 am

A very nice gift and a hard VAM to find. Congrats Lee.

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