Lowered prices below on some Top-100 VAMs

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Re: Lowered prices below on some Top-100 VAMs

Post by dantvams » Thu Aug 26, 2021 8:09 pm

Next batch of coins for sale:
1878-CC DDO Clash VAM-24A PCGS XF40 (VSS attributed) $600
1879-O O Over Horiz O VAM-4 NGC MS62 $550
1880 Knobbed 8 VAM-1A1 NGC AU50 $250
1880 8/7 Crossbar VAM-7PCGS AU55 $850
1880 80/79 Ear VAM-23 PCGS AU53 $550
1880-O Hangnail VAM-48 PCGS MS63 $500
1880-O VAM-4 80/79 NGC MS63 $350
1880-O 8/7 Crossbar VAM-5 PCGS MS62 (Medium O) $800
1880-O 8/7 Ear VAM-6 PCGS AU58 $325
1880-O 8/7 Ear VAM-6A NGC MS61 $195
1880-O Doubled Ear VAM-43 PCGS AU58 $500
1880-S 8/7 Crossbar VAM-10 PCGS MS65 $595
1882-O/S O/S EDS VAM-3 PCGS AU55 $200

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