1890 s vam 2b

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1890 s vam 2b

Post by JackBnimble01 » Fri Apr 23, 2021 3:14 am

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Re: 1890 s vam 2b

Post by DHalladay » Fri Apr 23, 2021 3:14 pm

A number is extremely hard to come up with.

VAM 2B is a neat variety that doesn't come up for sale very often. Redfield holders also have their own cachet and collector base, which is where I think most of the value is for your coin, but I am not familiar with that market and I know the toning the holder puts on coins can turn off some buyers.

The few (just 4) previous VAM 2B sales I have (none of them Redfield) and excluding one where the buyer got horribly screwed, show only minor premiums over generic price. The Heritage archives has 21 1890-S MS63 Redfield holder coins going back to 2012, but none of them were attributed as VAM 2B. Prices have come down a lot the last couple of years; the last 3 sales were $192, $228 and $210.

Maybe you can get a VAM premium from someone here on the boards, or maybe not.
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