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Re: O/T 1 red cent

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2023 5:07 am
by morganman
I have held these dandies for many yrs & have showed the ungraded to
a few top DEALERS including my heritage buyer with 38 yrs at heritage.
Consensus is 66 but if not then 65+ so top pop for sure

Never in my dreams would i have imagined these Indians being worth this
kinda money. I paid $13,500 for the 2 ms65 & 12,000 for the raw one
guess its called compounding LOL- I had just refinanced a fixer house and
pulled 75k cash out, so really wanted 1911-D in my collection of indians
Then over next 3 yrs bought 1911-d $21/2 indians in 63/4 I love the indians
as pops are much smaller than libertys as there are so many of them and not
near as flasy/pretty