HIt List 40 Value Questions

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Re: HIt List 40 Value Questions

Post by keilg1 » Sun Jan 08, 2023 8:20 pm

Have you posted pictures of the coin in the main discussion board? Experts here will most likely to say if you do have a VAM-20 obverse as it's the only variety with that specific ear doubling. Yes, there are at least a few others with doubled ears. Normal date and normal mm are limited to the 20 and the 30/30A; normal date with a high mm opens it up to 29/29A/29B -- but the 29 and 30 series all have doubling on the inside of the ear, not the bottom like the 20... I believe only the 32 has any doubling on the outside of the ear and it doesn't look anything like the 20... and it's a near date. There are far and very far dates with ear doubling (27, 32 and 35) but these wouldn't match your normal placed date on the VAM-20.

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Re: HIt List 40 Value Questions

Post by UNCLE BINGO » Mon Jan 09, 2023 12:18 am

You're a good man sir!. I think for the time being a little more study from me is probably best , spent most of the day looking for the other coin # I was struggling with the ears on , Pretty sure I came up with what it most likely could have been 100 years ago ,,, The trouble is, {I think } with being in its present circulated condition , it would be most difficult to say one way or the other . Thank you your kind words
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