1882 O/S V3A MS 60?

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1882 O/S V3A MS 60?

Post by ...kenny » Sun Feb 06, 2022 3:04 pm

I have an NGC MS 60 V3A. Any idea of value? Thanks...kenny
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Re: 1882 O/S V3A MS 60?

Post by DHalladay » Sun Feb 06, 2022 3:44 pm

I have only a few previous sales for coins that were sold as VAM 3A. The prices have no consistency... other than showing they bring a BIG premium. Here is everything I have (CS stands for coin show):
1882-O/S 3A 60 raw May-12 PP $750
1882-O/S 3A 50 PCGS Dec-10 CS $525
1882-O/S 3A 45 ANACS Jan-11 CS $525
1882-O/S 3A 45 raw Jun-12 PP $275
1882-O/S 3A 45 PCGS Jul-21 E $177
1882-O/S 3A 45 PCGS Dec-21 H $109
1882-O/S 3A 40 ANACS Jan-11 CS $400
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Re: 1882 O/S V3A MS 60?

Post by morganman » Wed Mar 30, 2022 12:59 am

As the self appointed 1882 o/s guru i really loved 3A when Logan Mckechnie
discovered and put in vamview price guide at au= $750
I have picked them ever since. A au58 has been real tough to find withot
cleaned/scratched etc. A ms 60 = I have only one.
The price has dropped & a nice au trades/values around $400/450

I have tough time seeing the clash U S in small hair vee
Some with super clashing still dont have the U S sm hair vee clash
I wonder if some of these should receive a updated vam designation
based on clashes with no US clash. Different die state?????

I have some 40 of these vf-au58 with only 1 ms60
Just sent a bunch to ANACS for grading- 1st such submission for me

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