1880-O VAM-7 PCGS 62 premium?

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1880-O VAM-7 PCGS 62 premium?

Post by keilg1 » Sun Jan 02, 2022 10:43 am

Just curious as I've not seen many sales of this. Although it is a Hit List 40, I don't think it's a rarity especially at this grade (at least 15 at this grade in SSDC as well as a dozen or so at 63 and 64).

I spied past sales on Heritage:

$190 PCGS May 2021
$109 PCGS Oct 2018
$141 PCGS Apr 2017
$160 NGC Apr 2014

Seems the going rate for the ordinary varieties are currently between $180 and $200 so the latest sale doesn't indicate much of a premium.



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