Values of our Vams in General

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Values of our Vams in General

Post by morganman » Tue Apr 21, 2020 10:47 am

So we all realize our precious Vams have taken a beating price ways for several yrs due to several
reasons. So many thousands being discovered by members, thus creating un precented common varieties.
The silver mkt collapsing from highs around $50 to current around $15, thus the lack of public interest for
collectors,investors, speculators etc.

One must love collecting and the thrill of picking to remain interested. Many members/collectors bailed
out of vams when prices went south. I would say the avg common vam has lost some 50% of value from highs
say 10 -12 yrs ago. Some pretty neat vams are available at discounts of 60-70% of past highs.
Exceptions are the real rare varieties of low low population and huge collector interest, which have held up
fairly well, all considered.

So if one seeks to make huge fast money in vams today, they may want to re think their strategedy.
That said; oppertunities to purchase at these prices may well lead to handsome profits downroad, for those
astuit enough to purchase and pick select rarities and hold until silver recovers.

Today for many , its not the allure of making money on vams but rather the thrill of picking and the hunt
for coins with huge upside potential . The days of buyers being in the mix for fast easy money seems gone.
The years of Lloyd Gabbert, Logan Mckechnie, Gene Henry, and many more who rode the highs, are but
distant remberances of better times.

What the next 10 yrs provides for vams will be darn interestng. The simply number of vams will seemingly
keep values moderate to weak in general. I for one will be delighted to begin liquidating all my collection,
irrespective of vam attribution, thus selling many stellar grades/examples as well as tons of common dates
and grades.

Good luck -have fun- to all who undertake collecting Morgans, as they are still the #1 US collected coin
America likes Big & Flash and our Morgans provide both.

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Re: Values of our Vams in General

Post by Longstrider » Tue Apr 21, 2020 2:57 pm

I for one, collect VAMs for the love of them and the challenge. I have no interest in trying to make a profit on them. But what do I know? I collect Peace Dollars. 🐍

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Re: Values of our Vams in General

Post by Vam-mysterio » Tue Apr 21, 2020 7:47 pm

Well said ,
The buyer’s market is today for vams in general
(Not necessarily the seller s market)
Where you might be able to get some pretty good deals
And for the astute buyer/vam Investor rarities have to be the way to go,
If 1 or 2 seasoned astute vam collectors start buying vam rarities (I MEAN RARE VAMS not any gator eyes ,or unicorns out there)
They will have the advantage to be market makers
For those extremely rare vams ,thus reaping real good profits.
That been said we need
1,2 or 3 vam collectors to start pumping that extra money on rare vams and hold them
Until the market recovers (which is not going to be this year or the next)
Note: to the vam collectors
If you have any money in the stock market
Get it out as soon as you can ,the bubble is about to pop,
I would rather put my money where is much safer
Extremely rare vams,there not making any more!
Again buy rare rare vams,not just because they are listed they are rare,do your homework to know
The difference between rare vams and the common ones!

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Re: Values of our Vams in General

Post by collectinsince65 » Tue Apr 21, 2020 11:55 pm

A huge amount of wisdom is in the above posts.
Collect what you like.
But the truly rare and or
top pop for the variety VAMs
will be hard to duplicate

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Re: Values of our Vams in General

Post by morganman » Wed Apr 22, 2020 11:39 am

One such astuit collector/set chaser/investor is Andy Hansen from Texas. He is amasing the right vams and
able to pay the bucks if necessary. A real good vammer to do business with and super person for this hobby/
investment of our beloved Morgans. We need more like Andy to keep vams alive and viable.

And we need Guys like me with to many morgans, that want to sell LOL LOL

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Re: Values of our Vams in General

Post by Longstrider » Wed Apr 22, 2020 3:23 pm

@morganman WOW!! I just took a quick look at the Andy Hansen sets on PCGS. You weren't kidding. This guy has some amazing coins. Thanks🐍

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Re: Values of our Vams in General

Post by bobbyjenkins » Fri May 08, 2020 11:39 pm

Good post and enjoyable to read. I'm not that concerned with the market values anymore. I'm a Morgan Dollar/VAM collector at heart whose only problem is that I want more than I can pay for. When I first joined SSDC, most of my VAMs were raw cherry picked and I'd send them off to PCGS to get graded and attributed or NOT (does anybody remember body bags). I'd be so excited waiting on that PCGS outcome. I wouldn't look on line but wait until the box was returned and open it like it was Christmas. I've spent more on many of them than they are currently worth but they're my little treasures. My collection is not the greatest and I have many lower grades cause that's what I found and could afford. To my own surprise, I've accumulated 95% of the TOP-100 and the remaining I may never acquire but it's been a blast to this point. Sometimes I buy a Morgan cause I love the coin's look. I'm a sucker for a F-15 to VF-30 coin that has that perfect contrast and on the other end of the scale, who doesn't love the PL and Semi-PL with lots of frosted cameo look with sparkling luster. I used to trade my dupes in on a my next acquisition but most dealers no longer want to do that

A long time ago I had grandiose ideas of selling them all in the end for a big profit. Not so much anymore. Now I'm attached to them and I started thinking in terms of passing them on to my heirs. I've gotten so much joy from collecting Morgan dollars and that's priceless. Now I'm just hoping nothing ever happens in my life that would force me to distress sell.

I do believe what Juan said is true and it will stand the test of time. Buying the very rare, low population VAMs will pay off someday and I see you guys still sharing some super finds for common prices. It's so cool to have this community to share with.

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Re: Values of our Vams in General

Post by blh74 » Sat May 09, 2020 2:12 am

100% with you on collecting coins. So many stories that only a collector can appreciate. So many little gems that are priceless.

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Re: Values of our Vams in General

Post by Kurt28 » Fri May 22, 2020 5:23 am

I may not soon recover the investments I put into VAMs, but the fun and the learning experience is worth a million dollars. Special thanks to Alan, JR, JB and so many others that have given me their time and wisdom.
And who knows, if the market turns, my '04-O reference set may someday be worth something.

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