major hub type table - add links with descriptive photos

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major hub type table - add links with descriptive photos

Post by all-who-wander » Sat Aug 29, 2020 3:33 pm

It would be helpful if the Major Hub Type table in the Introduction section (which is very helpful and interesting!) had links assigned to each of the Hub Type IDs that you could click on that would take you to a photo of that hub with arrows and notes pointing out the various major points of difference. Now, if someone wants to actually see these differences one has to search for a VAM that uses that die, which can be a challenge. The arrows and notes would make it much easier to dial into exactly what the points of differences are.

Hub Type ID Description
Obverse I Thin letters in LIBERTY, evenly divided rear portion of ear.
Obverse I1 Incused designer's initial, as on 1879-1921 coins.
Obverse I2 Raised designer's initial M with two parallel vertical bars.
Obverse II/I Short or very thin ear fill, evenly divided rear portion of ear, thicker letters in LIBERTY, some portion of the lettering or stars doubled.


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