add die information to Morgans By Date listings

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add die information to Morgans By Date listings

Post by all-who-wander » Sat Aug 29, 2020 2:54 pm

It would be helpful to add the full descriptors to the Morgans By Date listings. It would help when trying to identify a piece.

Once you click through the different VAMs and find one that matches either the obverse or reverse of your piece, with this added information you could easily look at only the other VAMs that use the same die you matched to. With so many VAMs to click through on some dates, this would simplify the search greatly, and reduce the chances of missing a better match.

For example, 1878-P VAM-1 8TF Doubled E could read:
1878-P I21 – A1a (Doubled E) (188) 1-2 R-4

The example above would include all of the descriptors, but most importantly it includes the obverse and reverse die numbers. If you feel the Interest and Rarity information or # reeds is too much to include, they could be left off (though those would be interesting to see as you look down the list too).

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