New VAM pages at V2.0

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New VAM pages at V2.0

Post by andywoj00 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:44 am

I was wondering if a decision has been made on when the new domain will be active and setup at the new page? If that part of the process was complete, would it then be possible to incrementally start setting up the VAM pages at the new site so they can be edited/ updated as needed? I'm sure a few here would be willing to start working on it, myself included.

I've seen a couple of the pages that have in fact been uploaded and they nearly mirror the old site. That's what we're looking for. Why not get started with uploading a few years and MM to start with? I submit that the initial pages could be simple tables to link to the VAMs, and later on, worry about the cosmetics.

I fear that waiting to long to start this part of the process will be like trying to eat the elephant in one bite....Andrew

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Re: New VAM pages at V2.0

Post by messydesk » Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:56 am

What you're seeing is a result of my testing the automated translation of pages from the old format to the new one. I need to look for other issues in the process and debug these. When I'm satisfied that I've got just about everything, then I'll announce the lockdown of the old pages so that I can copy them all, translate them all, and upload them all on the new site. Any edits that are made on the new pages before I do that will be lost. I also need to figure out the best way to do the VAM page template in the new framework. I'm currently traveling, however, and won't be able to get to this until I get home.
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