1879 with a missing R in TRUST?

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1879 with a missing R in TRUST?

Post by Inspector7127 » Mon Oct 02, 2023 4:59 pm

Is there a listing that I am not seeing for a 1879 Morgan that has a broken or missing R in TRUST? I have looked through all the listing for a '78 with a broken R but can't find anything for a 79. I am new at this site and still trying to learn the many different and deeper diggings of VAMWorld. Is this a strike thru grease verity? Photos attached.

Thanks for any assistance.
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Re: 1879 with a missing R in TRUST?

Post by MarkyB » Mon Oct 02, 2023 6:00 pm

Yes grease and not a listable attribute. Most broken examples are missing just the hook of the "r". Using the search funtion for the word "grease" may yield the VAM but how to do it escapes me at the moment.

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