OT - Trade Challenge addendum

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OT - Trade Challenge addendum

Post by alefzero » Thu Sep 14, 2023 9:59 pm

One thing that bothered me was slot 29 of the Trade Challenge 50, 1877-CC. I put an major rarity in there, C-9. It has an RPD and RPM. However, there is the C-2.1 also that has a similar RPD, but a different date position. It also potentially has an MPD. It seems to be only scarce. To avoid misattributions, I will try to get the differences clear at the TPGs and just add to the set, a poor man's slot 29.

Here is the date for the C-9, already in that set slot:
P7944981-date.jpg (111.41 KiB) Viewed 286 times
Here is the TrueView for a C-2.1 I recently picked up. You can see the date is significantly shifted left of the position on the C-9.
P47860133-tv.jpg (131.68 KiB) Viewed 286 times
and a detail shot of the 7/7:
P47860133-1.jpg (130.11 KiB) Viewed 286 times
There is also a potential MPD below and to the right of the first 7 in the denticles, but more higher grades examples need to be studies. TDITD; so it doesn't change anything.

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