Distribution of silver dollars - 1900 regs

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Distribution of silver dollars - 1900 regs

Post by RogerB » Sat Sep 02, 2023 4:42 pm

Excerpt from RG104 E-48 Treasury Circulars 1872-1906. Treasury Department circular number 32 dated March 23, 1900 “Issue and Redemption of Currency,” signed by Ellis H. Roberts, Treasurer of the United States.

This was the final official notice of how silver dollars and subsidiary coins were distributed. the process began in the 1880s when the coins could no longer be sold for gold, but were used to back silver certificates. This was fully implemented in 1891.

Standard silver dollars are issued by the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurers in redemption of silver certificates and Treasury notes of 1890, and are sent by express, at the expense of the Government, in sums or multiples of $500, for silver certificates or Treasury notes of 1890, deposited with the Treasurer or any Assistant Treasurer.

Upon the deposit of an equivalent sum in United States currency or national bank notes with the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer or national bank depository, subsidiary silver coin will be paid in any amount by the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurers in the cities where their several offices are, or will be sent by express, in sums of $200 or more, at the expense of the Government, or by registered mail, at the risk of the consignee, in packages of $50, registration free, as the depositors my request, from the most convenient Treasury office. For this purpose drafts may be sent to the Treasurer of the United States in Washington or the Assistant Treasurer in New York, payable in their respective cities to the order of the officer to whom sent. Drafts on New York City must be collectible through the clearing house, and should be drawn to the order of the Assistant Treasurer of the United State, New York, and mailed to him direct.

Subsidiary silver coin is sent from the nearest subtreasury office by express, transportation free, in sums of not less than $200. When desired, a less amount will be sent by express at the expense of the consignee for transportation.

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