Heritage Fun Show Jan 2023

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Heritage Fun Show Jan 2023

Post by morganman » Fri Apr 14, 2023 11:48 pm

So Heritage just sent me a letter informing me of the Jan results from their Signature
sale. Letter signed by my Heritage go to guy Jim Stoutjesdyk, VP Numismatics.
Jim has like 37-8 yrs with Heritage and main buyer, so a good /great contact.

Whether buying/selling or simply asking questions Jim is super knowledgeable and
always responds.

So at Fun, The Signature only Grossed /sold 88 Million with a M, signaling one of
the largest Numismatic events in history. Multiple 7 figure prices realized,
with very strong prices received overall.

What a way to start 2023, and perfect for a guy like me wanting to liquidate.

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