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Plate photo's on the 1922 vam 2a Earring question

Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2023 12:06 am
by chgolaw1
Good evening everyone I have been looking through all the past auctions on heritage for prices and die stages of a 2a. Question on the VW 1922-2a page there is a photo of a LDS. Underneath it shows a full photo of one on loan from Leroy Van Allen stating it is a LDS. Are all these photo's from the same coin? If it is, the die states are different. Also are there any existing photo's of the latest die state of a 2a? I am trying to put something together showing the die progression of the 1922- 2a Earring, as well as a 1923 vam 1c. Tail on the O. Any help? Btw Happy Easter