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1903 VAM-9/18

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2023 4:00 pm
by alefzero
It appears that VAM-18 should rightfully be listed as VAM-9A. VAM-18 is simply a collar clash on the VAM-9 die pair.

Another issue. I have found another coin with that obverse die but with a different reverse die. There is no die scratch in the lower tail feathers. But as the "VAM-18" full coin reverse shot does not have a die crack from the D of UNITED seen on this coin, it cannot be an earlier die state of that 9/18 pair.

It is at a price point that would have interested me in my prooflike days, but I cannot justify buying it today. I am posting images of the coin in holder here. It is also registered at the SSDC Registry as a generic 1903, which could be changed to the appropriate attribution later.
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