Posting Rules - effective 2/25/2023

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All posts to this forum must abide by the posting rules. Continued posting to any VAMWorld forum constitutes acceptance of the rules.
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Posting Rules - effective 2/25/2023

Post by messydesk » Sat Feb 25, 2023 3:19 pm

Each of the below is a guideline for proper conduct on the VAMWorld forums. Should you violate any of the rules, you will receive one warning, this warning may come as a blanket warning to the entire thread. If the warning is ignored, you will be banned, the duration of the ban is at the discretion of the moderator that issued it. Moderators may delete or close any thread or comment at any time without warning if the content violates the below rules or if a moderator determines the removal of the content to be in the best interest of the the VAMWorld community.

Posts must not contain inappropriate language in the form of profanity, name-calling, sexual suggestion etc.

Posts must not contain libelous (accusatory, attacking) or provocative remarks concerning any individual, company, or other entity.

While this forum is meant for the discussion of VAMs, it is expected that there are occasional, slightly off-topic threads, especially discussion of other coins and hobbies. Topics such as politics or other "taboo" subjects are not permitted. Should the thread be deemed inflammatory, negative or violate any rules it will be deleted or closed at the moderator's discretion, without warning.

No alt, alternative or spare accounts. One account per member, no exceptions. Attempted creation of a second account will be rejected.

Harassing, attacking, threatening, or antagonizing members through private messages is forbidden and will result in being banned.

Continued posting on any forum in VAMWorld constitutes acceptance of these rules as they appear at the time of your post. If anything is unclear, contact me with your questions.
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