SSDC Inventory question

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SSDC Inventory question

Post by demetri » Thu Feb 16, 2023 11:06 pm

Question for other SSDC members.

In my collection are graded & attributed, graded not attributed and raw coins not attributed (officially yet).

The inventory feature is great however, it is only for graded coins. Most on my inventory list are graded but not officially attributed on the label. Using the inventory list to gather them together is going to make it easy to decide which coins to get attributed first since my collection keeps growing.

I was wondering if you would ever consider duplicating the feature for raw coins? Hear me out.

When I discovered vamworld, I had already amassed quite a few coins, so I have been going through all of them and honing my attribution skills learning more every day (thanks to all the great members who help on VW) and obviously there are too many to send in bulk (im still learning and not ready for bulk submissions) so having the raw inventory list where I can set the grade I THINK IT WILL COME BACK AS and also the VAM THAT I THINK IT IS to better organize them and by knowing what the pop would be for that data set, I could more easily decide which should be in the first batch to be graded and the more common coins that can wait.

Im sure a ton of work went into the creation of the inventory list and SSDC in general so Im just asking......


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Re: SSDC Inventory question

Post by morganman » Thu Feb 16, 2023 11:58 pm

Here's what i think and do!!!! Raw coins are kinda useless from many view points
1st grading coins helps authenticate & assign grade which now
makes valuing easy and selling much easier and at decent pricing
As PCGS/NGC charge to much for attributions i strongly suggest one
send to JB at VSS for attrib $6. Then you have all one needs to know
to keep or sell, based on your interest and game plan.

Anacs i believe now charges $10 for vam attrib, which is not outta line,
but PCGS is to high & NGC inept period IMHO
Maybe the new CAC TPG will be the future with a VSS sticker ATTRIB?
CAC starting soon i hear- one feedbback on their new holders here was
negative, but i didnt see a problem with their simple design holders.

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Re: SSDC Inventory question

Post by alefzero » Fri Feb 17, 2023 1:07 am

Raw coins are too problematic. We were careful as to which TPGs to admit. When it comes to raw coins, it would be impossible to keep them straight and uniquely identify them. It would become a real mess in time as raw coins end up getting slabbed and are dually represented. (Same can happen with crossovers, but people generally want to make the changes there.)

For raw, I would just label them in flips and maintain that inventory in an Excel spreadsheet. If you wanted to slab them and want to keep the bills down, messydesk has the Variety Slabbing Service (VSS). Of the TPGs, ANACS and ICG are fairly reasonable. Look for ANACS specials. And you can choose or not choose to get the attributions certified on the labels. PCGS and NGC are better for marketability. Better and higher grade VAMs might make more sense at those two. I don't know what the current status is for SEGS. PCI sold to DLRC and was rebranded as DGS (Dominion Grading Service, I think). I hard it was sold again and going as PCI, but have seen absolutely nothing as evidence. We will probably need to accommodate CAC soon enough. I have not seen a silver dollar certification from them yet.

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Re: SSDC Inventory question

Post by UNCLE BINGO » Fri Feb 17, 2023 2:16 am

@demetri I think what you are after is a spread sheet , and I get why you want it . may I suggest using the PCGS registry, assuming you are a member . hide the registry from public view if you wish , then load your raw coins into the for sale category, it gives you the ability to leave vam notes , assign grades , change pricing , what ever and you can separate, these coins from your slabbed stuff if you want . it takes a little doing if you accept their pricing recommendations , because you need to figure out in coin facts what the PCGS number would be , but it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it . it looks like this and don't judge I just took a snapshot of a few in my book , its a work in progress. :popcorn:
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