1879-S Date Numeral issue and much more

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1879-S Date Numeral issue and much more

Post by MintyFresh » Mon Feb 13, 2023 10:08 pm

I just got a new handheld microscope to examine and photograph my coins, along with a used Cannon D60 from eBay to do macro photography. Wow - what an obsessive learning curve. I ran across this coin during a photo shoot. At first, the condition caught my eye - a possible DPML. While photographing it, I took notice of the date. Then I began to go down a rabbit hole of endless photos.

I am starting with the Date Numeral, and what I saw. I will continue to update posts. There are many unusual anomalies that I am unfamiliar with.

This has been a most enjoyable Easter egg hunt, and I am hoping to learn a lot from this.
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Re: 1879-S Date Numeral issue and much more

Post by Vam-mysterio » Mon Feb 13, 2023 10:21 pm

Try vam 27
Also try removing that clothes lint
Carefully with a Qtip and water
Challenge yourself,start doing your own date study!

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