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where did that kid go with what he thought was a lightley struck coin from his Grandma ?

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2022 1:21 am
Where did he go ? The first time poster , I know cause i read it ? He asked a question about a common i would say with a barley readable date like a 1 or 2 probably on someones LOWBALL list ( Of whitch I will never understand , NO offense to those of you who collect them . ) ONE of your responded, You didn't tell him or her anything wrong just something like "it looked like wear to you" .....;. The post is gone ,,,,, deleted maybe ....I will tell them the truth . Hey kid there are those who collect coins in those kinds of grade. The top grading company ( for reasons that also escape me ) place a higher value on coins in that condition .Than the next few numbers above them ........... :popcorn: