ANA Diploma Course?

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ANA Diploma Course?

Post by SilverToken » Thu Nov 17, 2022 2:40 pm

I am curious if any of the members have either started or completed the ANA Grading Course? And if it was helpful with your existing skills? Would you recognize the grading abilities of a Member if they completed and passed the course?

I realize that many of the members are extremely experienced, but as the latest NGCX string eludes, the world of coin grading is ever changing.

As I understand, there is no actual recognized Accreditation, Degree or Certification for coin grading. I dislike the fact that we blindly send coins off to be graded, with very little regard to the "credentials" of whomsoever is grading, their experience or training, except for notable exceptions like JB, JR, etc. I dislike the fact that the brand of recognized TPG holder varies the market value, we are buying the coin based on a grade and actual rarity, not the holder...right? I dislike the fact that you are not given any explanation what caused a coin to be graded the way it was, just that it is, and you have the chance to send it back, for a fee, and spin the wheel again, if you are unhappy.

I believe if multiple sets of eyes were put on the same coin while grading and the average grade was used, I would feel comfortable. The amount of complaints I read on the Forum about a grade returned, wrong die stage, or wrong attribution has led me down this path.

It really begs the question of how my unopened, untouched 2021D Morgan graded at MS-67, and Rick's Coins ended up with so many "spectacular and beautiful" complete MS-70 Morgan and Peace sets on the shopping network.

If you have taken the course, please respond kindly with your opinions on the completeness of the ANA course and if you found it helpful. Or if you haven't taken the course, your opinion of the course from the ANA.

Thank you in advance
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