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1878 7/8 vam 38 E BAY

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2022 2:56 pm
by morganman
Pretty amazing how some otherwise common vams have maintained value
while other much rarer/tougher ones have fallen off the cliff, with some cool ones
losing 50-70% value. Yesterday a 1878 7/8 tf vam 38 brought $2k and change which
was but a few hundred less than 2015 Vam View retail valuation. Probally a vammer
from here that knows and tracks values.

Conversly 1878 vam 43 is a great vam in like 64 dmpl that has fallen about 70%
in the same last 7 yrs. Although not that rare high grade dmpl are very tough to locate
Numismedia shows 64 dmpl around $1600 withot vam & SSDC show value only $1400
which IMHO is quite low. 2015 VV valued at $4500, so a 70% hit that really makes little
sense to me. Maybe its because i own a few stellar DMPL luckily purchased frugally
on loer end of pricing. it all sucks period, and im very frustrated with vams at this juncture