1902-O VAM-45 dies & 45A question

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1902-O VAM-45 dies & 45A question

Post by demetri » Wed Oct 26, 2022 2:58 am

If anyone cares to educate me, I have some questions about the many dies for vam 45 and more important the multi clashed vam 45A. Clearly a lot of work has gone into documenting all the different dies and Im enjoying going through them. Not looking for attribution at moment but curious, The 45A is a separate die from the 45 dies right?

I have a coin with light clash markings and or high polishing in all same areas including a left over cold sore type bulge on upper lip, completely matches where the clashes were on the 45A. That would mean it is after the 45A all polished and cleaned up? or before all clashes happened, like the first clash.? Im sure they used the dies over and over polishing in between just trying to get understanding of which way progression goes. I would guess this comes after the clashing on 45A and they quickly and badly polished it up and put it back to work leaving evidence of clashing behind,

I see all the die studies done, wow lots of data. Im asking bec for example on 82 o/s the marks in mm seem to go backwards. I mean, you would think it would start out with more in center and be less as time goes on not the other way around where its light in beginning for EDS and more heavy for LDS.

So if someone can direct me to info online or offer some knowledge, it is appreciated.


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