1887 vam 3A

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1887 vam 3A

Post by morganman » Sat Sep 24, 2022 8:14 am

At first i wasnt to keen on this variety, but over time i saw collector interest seem pretty strong
I began buying ms64 & a few cheap 63
Today i find a PCGS 65, so pulled trigger as it was a real beauty
Looked up SSDC value which only shows $195 for EDS & a mere $165 for LDS which is less than
most regular price sheets.
Neat variety with clashing,die breaks, that wing scratch, etc.
Only 2 LDS in 65 & 2- ms66 at SSDC & 1-ms65 EDS & 11 -ms64
I like it well enough to think it under valued in 64 + and will buy all i can withot having to pay
any premium. Its Morgan vams like this that dont hurt the pocket book, that make sense to own IMHO

Certainly no Hype here in a vam with lots going on. Who knows what future value will do if anything
better than regular business strike value, but worth a shot. Look at the common 1878 vam 38 that
has gained interest & price appreciation. I have been selling a bunch ms63-65 & PL/DMPL for big
money premiums, which makes my face feel happy. LOL

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Re: 1887 vam 3A

Post by rodmeader » Sat Sep 24, 2022 1:03 pm

Yes, that VAM caught my eye as well. I'm happy I have that one in my collection.

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