Yesteryear Coin Purchase and Sale

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Yesteryear Coin Purchase and Sale

Post by morganman » Mon Sep 12, 2022 6:31 pm

So my pickin post on BST got me thinking about past ownership of various coins over
the decades i have involved. Here is a story that has both excitement and sadness.

I was making lots of money on almost everything i touched, coins, real estate, bullion
I decided to buy a shitful of $20 libs as ms62 slabs were around $600 of which i thought
cheap. I began buying off ebay and anywhere possible, assembling some 600 coins
fairly quickly, and a blast as well. This also led me to 2 large Morgan dollar deals/estates
of which i scarfed up on the cheap/raw

I did not like libs as to many were made for to many yrs IMHO, but history showed huge
spikes price ways over yrs. So during my acquisitions my girlfriend of 5 yrs was really pissed
that i spent time & worse yet, money on coins and bullion
She wanted me to set her 2 worthless boys up in some type of business, of which these 2
losers would squander anyway. I lived in Redding Ca and bought 2 fixer homes overlooking
Pacific Ocean in Beautiful Gold Beach Oregon, of which i began making trips there with my
small crew of fixer guys. So one evening while back home my girlfriend tells me she is not
interested in Oregon or my intentions to move their. So i said fine, find another place to live
She moved within a month and i finished the Oregon Remodels within the next 6 mo

Within a yr i moved from blazing hot Redding Ca to Cool -wonderful Gold Beach Or
Living overlooking magnificient ocean in a beautiful remodeled home with my new
girlfriend. Ended up buying a 20 acre ocean view valley property and buildng 2 new
homes,Barn for girlfriends horses and 2 garage shops for ea home

Gold was running higher and i did not like the coast weather or its soggy people, so i
found cheap real estate further north and inland a bit. I sold all my coast properties
for huge money and re located about 30 mi south of Coos Bay Or on a ranch with
pasture, creek and timber. 8 mi out from small town

So i wake up LOL and $20 Libs are $1500 and climbing in price. I sell out all at $1650 for
a handsome $1k profit each. My silver holdings were also gaining value fast and i sold
for $46-49 per oz. I had learned how to buy timber property so i bought 4 ranches with
tons of doug fir standing timber. 14 yrs later to sell all 4 ranches to a huge Timber products

So the lesson here is: Its there for folks to take advantage if you put you wits/brain to work
and dont get sidelined with trivial pursuits either personal or business.
Wishing all well Scott The Oregon Collection

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Re: Yesteryear Coin Purchase and Sale

Post by iceman » Mon Sep 12, 2022 9:33 pm

Cool Story/History and Thanks for sharing this with us .
Always Neat to hear and learn and think about things !!!


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Re: Yesteryear Coin Purchase and Sale

Post by chgolaw1 » Mon Sep 12, 2022 10:41 pm

Need a chauffeur?

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