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Somewhat off-topic - the first Trade dollars

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2022 3:34 pm
by RogerB
Here is the disposition of the first five Trade Dollars struck at the Philadelphia Mint July 11, 1873.

#1 Secretary of Treasury Richardson
#2-5 Charles Broadhead of Philadelphia (letter below)

Hon. Charles Broadhead,
October 13, 1873
I enclose herewith as requested by you and promised by me some months since, four of the first five Trade Dollars, struck at the Mint.
They are not so handsome as those since struck, as the dies are now in better working condition.
Dr. Linderman was in town on Saturday. I understood he was to leave last night for Washington. He was stopping at the Washington House.
I am, Very truly yours,
A. Loudon Snowden, Coiner