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Post by morganman » Wed Apr 27, 2022 5:59 am

:popcorn: The year 1965- My age 11
Dad comes home from carpentry job and
announces were going to Reno, typical but
were taking our millionaire cattleman landlord
who had never been. He has saved $500 &
i had $300 from selling some 225# holstein
bull calves i raised from bottle.
Mom packs old ugly chev & off some 250 mi
4 hrs- having a ball entertaining Mr Vieira &
having lunch.
Upon arrival i always have mom bring out
Morgans from casino for me to sift thru.
Mr Vierra is taken with these beauties & helps

Dads gambling, blackjack as always.
I sort and keep about 200 higher grade uncircs
of which our friend Mr Redfield had taught me.
Mom & Mr Viera come out of casino some 2
hrs later as Frank hit a $2500 jackpot and was
beside himself. He decided to bring some
Morgans home so i helped him pick the good
ones. Some 3 hrs later my father comes out
with $100 bills galore. Franks face was epic!!

Dad said were all going shopping- over to
western shop for a new total cowboy outfit
for me & new stuff for 3 adults. Then around
reno car lots, as my dad said a 59 cadillac
was in order. He bought the prettiest black
59 cad,unreal chrome wheels/front bumper
&wht interior. Frank said steak/lobster at
top of mark Harrahs & a show. Were living
large LOL.

Frank got 1000 morgans & me 300
Turns out dad made 18k & Frank almost 4k
We stayed 3 days sightseeing, visiting Harrahs
auto collection, renting a boat/fishing lake
and eating at various places.
Now a 11 y/o kid is going nuts but Frank was
really bonkers over the whole situation, as he
had never experienced anything like this,

My mom kept the guys from gambling
any more and we ended taking 2 days to
return home sporting the most beautiful
cadillac in the world.
Frank ended up taking his almond farmer
brother to Reno, and they brought families
and rented cabins in snow etc

I ended up Franks morgan $ from working
on ranch for him. He ended up owning
multi thousands of morgans in his collection
which he passed to his 2 sons.

Those were the days, but some trips were
just opposite for my dad. My mom hid
money to get home just in case & it
happened on numerious occasions, but i
always kept money aside.

SCOTT the hoarder, LOL

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Post by keilg1 » Wed Apr 27, 2022 6:24 am

Stories like this are just as valuable to me as the coins we have fun hunting.

Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey. Sounds like an amazing experience anyone would treasure.

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Post by blh74 » Thu Apr 28, 2022 2:06 am

Love those stories of good old days. Possibly have Roger B help you write a book?

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