Thanks JB! (PCGS bulk results)

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Thanks JB! (PCGS bulk results)

Post by DHalladay » Thu Apr 14, 2022 11:23 pm

Got my coins back today... hooray!

Dealing with PCGS always comes with surprises :D :twisted: and this time was no different. But the big picture was good: 35 of 36 coins went into holders – although nearly half (17) were at lower grades than expected. Seven came back higher, 12 were as expected.

The highlight of the batch was a 1921-D VAM 1A2 "TRU_T" that was in a circ. roll of '21-Ds from eBay. It graded AU50.

Lowlight #1 was a 1921-P VAM 3GA that I need for my date set. I expected AU55, but it bodybagged.
Lowlight #2 was the first 1921-P I've ever thought had a real chance to grade PL. Instead of 62PL it's just AU58.

But like the title of this thread says, thanks JB!!
When in doubt... don't.

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Re: Thanks JB! (PCGS bulk results)

Post by JASONKFLO » Thu Apr 14, 2022 11:51 pm

lets compare the PL 1921'S at the next local meeting. My 21 Should of been PL but just got A 62 on the last submission.
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Re: Thanks JB! (PCGS bulk results)

Post by morganman » Fri Apr 15, 2022 12:29 am

:popcorn: IMHO= I have looked at tons of
morgans the last 6 mo. PCGS,NGC, ANACS,
& ICG.
Most graded correct IMHO- Anacs really
stands out with some clearly scratched etc
& should be details graded & a bunch not
PL/ or dmpl that should be. This has been going
on a long time, screwing the submitter.
I have bought quite a few and submitted raw
to PCGS receiving PL and dmpl on super examples. Anacs is way to conservative on

ICG overgrades 1 pt on avg- but attrib is good
NGC does fair with attrib a bit spotty- but
really sucks in customer service. Anacs 15
day turn around economy is a joke, about
like other services.
If i didnt need TPG to receive decent money
for coins i surely wouldnt use em at all
I have to many mini horror/ major horror
stories concerning TPG to be a fan. Again
IMHO- but a necessity these days unfortunately
How about those CAC fees?? Crazy
Guess im not having my best day !!! LOL

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Re: Thanks JB! (PCGS bulk results)

Post by pup_picker » Fri Apr 15, 2022 3:24 pm

morganman wrote:
Fri Apr 15, 2022 12:29 am
How about those CAC fees?? Crazy
Guess im not having my best day !!! LOL
the funniest thing about the cac price thing is that the notification starts off making it seem like there is just no way they will compromise their service and it is with great regret they will be raising prices and only do higher tiers BUT then when you get to the bottom of one of those notifications, oh btw, we are actually still doing the lower tiers and raising prices. (negating all of the PR from the first part of the message. public relations and big companies (in sales) are a study unto themselves.

anyway, this isn't a pick on CAC thread. i haven't used em yet so it doesn't matter to me but i've nothing against em.

i really wanted to say that as far as price increases goes, numismatics (and related entities) have probably the fastest turnaround and pricing out of a large portion of the collectables world (during times of c19) and when numismatics turn around times can be 2-5 months for collectables, this is fast these days, you KNOW the s&^* has really hit the collectables submissions fan.

some card grading companies are/were at 8-14 months with a 5-10x on pricing increase (to discourage an insane amount of lower-dollar ($20-150?)) card/comic/game values. haven't heard too much for comics but i have no reason to doubt they didn't follow trends. BUT at least whatever it was that struck the collector bug, it sure pulled up values all across every board that i have seen (numis included) which makes it a little harder to buy and a little easier to sell.

i didn't have a group this time for JB but thanks still goes out to him for having the focus, organization, accuracy, energy, talent etc to do all he does including these bulk orders (and now taking on discoveries) which has helped many a vammer build a much bigger collection by keeping sub prices down. (even if grades are a bit lower sometimes as we still come out ahead)

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Re: Thanks JB! (PCGS bulk results)

Post by collectinsince65 » Fri Apr 15, 2022 6:42 pm

Thank you JB for all the services you provide.
Couple of days back I received the results from my 2022 PCGS bulk 1 order.
Only sent in 4 this submission
Pleasantly surprised with the results.
3/4 graded higher than I thought they may
1878 VAM 30A I purchased early Jan as a simple 1878 7tf for MS 61 money
My grade was ms 63
came back ms64
1878 s purchased as a simple 1878 s
It is a VAM 58
My grade was vf35
Came back as xf 45
1889 o VAM 20a
My grade was vf 35
Came back xf 45
Lastly 1891 o VAM 1A3
my grade vf20
Very pleased this time around
Thank you JB

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Re: Thanks JB! (PCGS bulk results)

Post by blh74 » Sat Apr 16, 2022 1:00 am

Big thanks to JB for all he does for all of us. Pleasantly surprised at great results. And for once only one NG out of nine.

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