Going to be late this time

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Going to be late this time

Post by HawkeEye » Wed Mar 30, 2022 12:33 am

Well I have tried to stretch the life of my laptop and went a little too long. I have spent almost the whole month selecting a new PC and then making the transition from the old to the new. I ran into some issues with Adobe Muse and getting them to let me have a copy of my version, so this is just a lost month.

There are also issues with all the manufacturers, so if you think you might need a replacement in the coming months think it through. I finally had to buy a refurbished one (only 3 months old) because the chips I needed have disappeared. Top end systems seem to be available only sporadically.

So April will have to be a March-April update, but I will get there.

I have everything rebuilt and running smoothly, but just no time for research this time.
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