A Unicorn of a different sort.

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A Unicorn of a different sort.

Post by VamHelsing » Mon Feb 21, 2022 12:16 am

Soo, I sent this in to JB, and it seems I have a missing link. This has been seen by JB twice.
It is attributed as a 1A3 VSS.

1. This is the longest die state of the 3. If your coin looks like the photo below its an EDS Vam-1a2. This stage runs from this point all the way past the stage where the reverse die is grease filled in TRUST. The grease filled die state is a later stage of the Vam-1a2. This by far is the most common of the 3 stages. Should any of the "TRUST" have a grease strike though it is a late die state VAM-1a2. The large die chip off the cap band is the key pick up point of the VAM-1a3. (Note: no grease filled die state has been seen that has the full chip and the grease filled letters to date 12/MAR/2014)
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Re: A Unicorn of a different sort.

Post by messydesk » Mon Feb 21, 2022 3:42 am

I'm suspicious of the comments about the filled die and VAM 1A2. Die fills don't determine die stage, but they can be correlated to them. The stages of VAM 1A are defined as:

VAM 1A1 - No crack through R or it doesn't extend from the rim through the top of the R
VAM 1A2 - Radial crack from rim through R
VAM 1A3 - Wider break in top of R.

The chip at the L in LIBERTY isn't required for VAM 1A3 but may be present on later die stages.
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