1934-S VAM 1

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1934-S VAM 1

Post by colwillys » Sat Feb 12, 2022 4:53 pm

Went to a small coin show in Grapevine . Bad start called we are open at 10:00 am but that was
wrong open is at 2:00pm . Dealer were trading back and fourth at those 4 hours .. They must have
set rules uses graysheet only .. That was their first move .. As for VAM this one dealer said if it is NOT
in gray sheet it is NOT a VAM . Buy signs all over the place only if you were giving the coins away at MELT .

I did manage to find a 1934-S VAM 1 Peace dollar .RAW AU53 . Nice mint mark and the price was fair . Looking for MS 63 to MS 65 Peace dollars .
All over priced .
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