Tonights adventure w/1921-D

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Tonights adventure w/1921-D

Post by MarkyB » Sat Feb 12, 2022 5:37 am

Could not find a VAM match via the die crack guide. A recent discussion led me to check right leg scribbles. MATCH! Went to that VAM and wham, there's a picture of the reverse crack I was looking for. Yea, I have a 1EO. Then the description reads that it will likely be rolled into 1AI (missing T in trust)which mine is not missing.

Newb Questions: why is 1AI not considered a listable VAM? It seems to me to be a rather distinct difference. Also, who makes the decision to roll 1EO into 1AI? This coin will be in ANACS hands next week. Will it come back a 1EO? TIA

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