ANACS grades 2-10-2022

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ANACS grades 2-10-2022

Post by iwillbenice » Thu Feb 10, 2022 11:38 pm

NGC 62 1879 great 2 side toner?ANACS 63!
OAH 62 1878-S . New ANACS holder 1878-S VAM-76 PL-63.
raw 1885-O AU-50.ANACS MS-64.
1923 Peace raw with nice colors, VAM-1AD /ANACS MS-64.
All 100TH Anniversary Morgan&Peace dollars Perfect 70.
Thats it.

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Re: ANACS grades 2-10-2022

Post by jrfaust » Fri Feb 11, 2022 1:02 am


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Re: ANACS grades 2-10-2022

Post by lioncutter » Sat Feb 12, 2022 4:28 pm

Congrats on the VAM 76 PL63. That is a tough one. I would be interested if ever decide to sell.
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