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Interesting Progression of the VAM 14.2

Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2021 3:49 pm
by twohawks
Well, I found a 3rd coin for my 1878 P VAM 14.2 group. All 3 coins are proof like. The 1 st coin on the left is a "true no die gouge VAM 14.2" this coin was a DMPL or PL when struck.

Coin 2 is was an MS 63 PL in an old ICG holder and now is in a PCGS MS 62, "This coin is PL" just not on the holder" No clash, no breaks" VAM 14.2a

Coin 3 This coin has 3 clashes, included in the clashing is full lips, nose and 3 cotton bolls on the reverse. The obverse has about a 4 mm displaced break from the clashing and the "OF" has the cracks to the rim and across the O & F od OF as well. This coin as also a true proof like AU example.

So, the last coin confirms the die states of the VAM 14.2 and VAM 14.2a are very short lived.