Opinions: LVA /FEY Vam Price Guide/ASH HARRISON

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Opinions: LVA /FEY Vam Price Guide/ASH HARRISON

Post by morganman » Sun Dec 19, 2021 6:10 pm

:popcorn: FEY=Really? Great that JB & JR will share new discovery attributions

Price Guide; Crazy amt of work/dedication to even attempt the
craziness of such a adventure
IMHO-Who in right mind wants to spend or get
much involved, using real money, in a hobby,
sport or business that has NO decent pricing/
value guide/list
Hope one is forthcoming soon
Its been prohibitive withot a easy to access
guide of values, and i for one have been super
hesitant to play in this nasty dark pool of question
mark real values

Thank god for super members like Ash H

End of my bitch session LOL

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