2021 Holidays Season

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2021 Holidays Season

Post by morganman » Thu Nov 25, 2021 7:06 pm

:popcorn: May i wish everyone here on VW a super Hollidays & New Years
Please stay safe and happy, as it truly makes your face fell better. LOL
For fun or not/ Real estate up 50% or so in last 2 yrs
Inflation rearing head at 6% + so your $$ is buying less and this all
likely to continue. History looks to repeat but this time much worse,
due to 15 trillion national debit. 95% Americans have no clue of the
actual underlaying factors currently facing our nation. Reading &
sifting out the lies/crap the establishment is trying to pull over the
publics eyes is simply astonishing.

Morgans- another topic= Auctioning some coins and im floored
the great prices received, some 3-4 x what i thought which
validates what some top experts are saying= Americans are
going nuts buying all kinds of things from almost worthless
products to gambling on crypto etc. This is a repeat of habits
going way back when money is available and fear/greed take over

Members: Do yourself a favor to protect yourself/family, read up
& make yourself aware of your surroundings/financial etc
so your not left wondering what just happened withot a
true clue. I dont buy into most alarmist opinions but one
cant ignore the realities of our current financial screw ups
Stay safe-stay informed- protect your money if you have
any. Scott

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