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Raw vs Slab

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 1:00 pm
by SilverToken
In your opinions, how much more would you pay for a slabbed coin vs a raw, exact grade? (assuming a reputable slab, commons)
It takes work out if the coin is graded, but excitement as well. :?:

Re: Raw vs Slab

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 2:47 pm
by DHalladay
The way I look at it is, how much less would I pay for a raw coin? And for me the very broad answer is a lot less. How much less depends upon the coin, the date+mint mark, the VAM, and the perceived grade. But some coins I won't buy at all.

The reason is because I certify everything that I want to own. Doing so improves safety of the coin, liquidity when I go to sell, and minimizes disagreement about grade and value when I go to sell. Additionally, grading almost always screens out coins that have problems I didn't notice, which can be another huge area of debate when trying to sell a raw coin.

But grading coins comes with several costs, including postage both ways, and that's where my lot less statement comes in. It can easily run to $50-$60 each if you're submitting them yourself. If I'm submitting through the VSS bulk program I'm still looking at $11 or so each for commons in MS60-63, and $15 or so for circulated coins.

If it's a common date coin, a nothing VAM, and less than MS64, I won't buy them at all for much more than melt. But that's just me.

Re: Raw vs Slab

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 6:21 pm
by morganman
:) Dennis points out great points which i ditto/agree
I have bought bulk Morgans for yrs at very low pricing in general
Then sorting & only grading the higher $$$ value examples
I have also bought bulk more common dates graded say ms63-64 or 65
This when coins were cheaper and extra$$ available
I went on a buying frenzy yrs ago when common ms65 was $70,purchasing
some 7,000 ms65. A great move, but needed to hold several yrs to appreciate

Even though i dont care for PCGS/NGC they are the 2 slabs that bring decent/
most money steadily, with PCGS the top service
Anacs really lags in money received and common value is 60-70% of PCGS
values, which really sucks.

If your buying a few and not bulk stay with PCGS/NGC/ANACS and you
wont get scalped buying cleaned/details coins etc