Silver sources and distribution - New Orleans Mint 1879

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Silver sources and distribution - New Orleans Mint 1879

Post by RogerB » Sat Oct 30, 2021 3:17 pm

This letter mentions possible sources and distribution for silver dollars from the New Orleans Mint in 1879.

April 19, 1879
Honorable John Sherman
Secretary of the Treasury
I propose, if approved by you, to address a letter to purchasers and dealers in silver
bullion at Denver, Colorado, Omaha, Nebraska and St Louis, MO inviting them to submit bids
for the sale of silver bullion deliverable at the New Orleans Mint, which mint is now fully
equipped and prepared to coin from two hundred thousand silver dollars per month.
It is believed in New Orleans that there will be considerable demand for silver dollars for
the Texas and Southern trade, and it is desirable to coin two hundred thousand dollars or more
silver per month at New Orleans Mint.

If the bullion can be purchased as cheap for delivery at New Orleans as at Philadelphia, it
would seem advisable to supply that mint with bullion to coin silver dollars sufficient to meet
any demand likely to be made for such coin, and which could be sent to places in Texas and
other Southern States contiguous to New Orleans at less expense for transportation than if it was
sent from Philadelphia.

I submit herewith for your approval the form of letter it is proposed to send to dealers in
silver bullion at the places above named.
Very respectfully
Horatio C. Burchard

[RG104 E-235 Vol 018]

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