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1891-P VAM-13 or VAM-13A?

Posted: Sat Aug 21, 2021 5:33 am
by bownarrow
This 1891 has stumped me for awhile now.

I had ID'ed it as a 13A but when I looked at it again a year later I realized the clashes don't match those of VAM-13A. The clashed n doesn't appear to be the same clash. It's a slanted date variety and its reverse is exactly like VAM-13 except it's clashed, whereas VAM-13 is not.

At this point I'm confounded and need some help. Is it a VAM-13 that's just a later die state, or for whatever reason the clashes weren't noticed yet on the 13? Is it somehow a VAM-13A?

Or is it something else? It's definitely not the VAM-6, 6A or 6B. I think it can't be something else because there's no other slanted date variety.

Big thanks to you all for keeping up this great site.