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1896-O VAM 28A photos

Posted: Sat Jul 03, 2021 7:36 pm
by Bigbub
Recently, I've been looking into the 1896-O series of Morgans. It's a fairly short series with only 31 VAMs listed and 7 of those being privately made.

The recent discovery of 2 new VAMs, the VAM 28 A & B by @LateDateMorganGuy also sparked my interest. In a low mintage series such as the 1896-O, new VAMs are not often found.

I was able to locate and procure a raw VAM 28A thanks to @Tekkie1.

Here are the full coin photos of that coin. In hand, it looks cleaner than the photos. I would call it an AU55 on a good day, maybe an AU58 on a great day. What's your opinion?

I posted these photos to the VAM 28A pages. While I was there, I posted a few other new full coin photos, did a listing cleanup and added some sorting pages to make life easier when hunting these VAMs.