1881-O Back in Motion Hopefully

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1881-O Back in Motion Hopefully

Post by HawkeEye » Mon Apr 19, 2021 1:57 am

I had hoped to have an update on the third Mint Supervisor, Robert M. McAlpin, but that information has proven to be so elusive that I cannot yet present a solid picture of his tenure.

Along the way I stumbled across a Congressional Committee report from 1842 that I thought I would document while searching for more on McAlpin. I honestly don't remember if I found this or Roger B. did, but it is interesting for sure and I will gladly give Roger credit.

There are some amazing similarities between this report, the Financial Panic of 1837, and watching Washington today.

Enjoy and hopefully I am back on track for monthly updates http://www.1881o.com/2021-03.html
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